Lakeview Rooms


Most Lakeview Rooms include:

Private Balcony*, two double beds (unless otherwise indicated), microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, phone, air conditioner and 50″ Plasma HDTV with free Showtime® and over 60 HD Channels. Rooms with King Size Beds are available in this section.

This is our most popular category of room. These rooms provide complete and easy access to most resort facilities as well as the main building and restaurant.

These rooms are close to Shadow Lake and Nature Trails, which are accessed by going down one flight of stairs. The Indoor/Outdoor Pools, Hot Spas and Game Room area can be accessed by going down one flight of stairs or by going through the main building (down one short flight of stairs) and then going down a flight of stairs to the Game Room and Indoor Pool area.

There is one short flight of stairs up between parking and the rooms. The rooms face the Indian Head Rock Profile and Franconia Notch State Park, with excellent views from both front and back. The views from the Private Balcony are excellent, and can be seen above.

For covered access to the Restaurant, Lounge, Lobby and Gift Shop, you simply go down one short flight of stairs and enter the main building through the Gift Shop or Greenery Room. The coin operated Guest Laundry is down two short flights of stairs. To access the tennis courts, you must walk across the street (Route 3).

*Rooms 100 – 109 do not have balconies, but do exit out directly to the Shadow Lake and Indoor/Outdoor Pool areas. These rooms are great for motorcyclists or snowmobilers who want to park their machines right outside the room, hop on and RIDE.

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